a promise as a horse trainer

To The Horses In My Care:
1. I promise to view you daily and know you so well that I know what treat you love most.
2. I promise to care for your shoeing and vet care on a timely basis.
3. I promise to be able to look into you eyes and know if there is something wrong.
4. I promise I will never let you go through undue suffering.
To The Owners Who Are Clients:
1. I promise to always be honest with you.
2. I promise that I will always tell you what is happening with your horse.
3. I promise that I will be your friend in times of need.
4. I promise that I will get your horse to its highest possible level, even if that means sending him away.
5. I promise that there will never be any hidden commissions on sales or purchases. You will always be able to speak with the buyer or seller.
To Other Trainers:
1. I promise if you send a client to a show with me, I will never try to take them from you.
2. I promise that if a client of yours comes to me, I will tell them to hold back and talk to you for at least 30 days.
3. I promise that I will never speak ill of you no matter what issues you have had with a client. I hate gossip.
To My Riders:
1. I promise I will always be there for you in the years to come.
2. I promise that while you are riding with me, I can wear many hats; trainer, coach, psychologist, confidant, tutor.
3. I promise that I will always try to do my best for you.
4. I promise that if you need to move on, I will help you get there.
To this I pledge: Kathy Johnson